Update regarding COVID-19 and bookings this year

For the past 8 years we have been invited to DJ at all of the greatest celebrations in Alberta. However within the past few months our little company has underwent many changes.

The Government of Alberta has recently implemented restrictions on events to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this limitation, we will be also be withdrawing our services from all events until the end of 2020. We believe it is the right thing to do in order to maximize everyone's safety, avoid unnecessary personal contact, and minimize the risk to people with existing health conditions. This decision was not made easily on our part. The public's safety is our number one priority. We have been in contact with many of our bookings to refund deposits and notify them of this change. If we haven't contacted you yet please get in touch.

Other Important Updates

Our fearless founder and leader Dave (Leather Daddy) Dahl has recently accepted a new job opportunity in the Northwest Territories. While we are excited that he has accepted his dream job, the commute to Alberta is much too dangerous to continue his DJ career (because of the polar bears). Therefore, we will not be accepting any new DJ bookings in the foreseeable future. Starting in 2021 we will only be accepting bookings for photography services. The full pricing chart will be available on our website in September.

We are immensely grateful for the friendships and memories created by the Beach Bad Boy community and will always remember Daves pineapple shirt.

Stay Bad

The Beach Bad Boys

https://www.marketsound.ca/ and https://revolutiondj.com/.

AA Beats

AA Beats are are group of 2 new DJs from the provost area. They got their start in DJing by helping us out at many gigs. You could say they are like a younger beach bad boy. Highly recommend. View their website at www.aabeats.ca

Revolution Entertainment

Revolution Entertainment has been providing custom event entertainment services to clients for over 15 years. They offer 8 different specialty services.


Market Sound

A friend of ours had them for their wedding and said they were great, had a good amount of staff and are well reviewed.